Input Playbooks,

Journeys & Processes

Simply input your existing processes to visualize the current customer & employee experience.

Add roles & groups to identify who are fulfilling each touchpoint.

Attach brand and communication assets to provide access to front-line employees for consistent brand execution.

Assign listening posts to track both customer and employee validation.

Identify & Surface Internal Ideas

Quickly identify gaps in the experience using your visualized processes.

Tap into your most valuable assets by allowing your employees to surface and promote ideas.

Make employee feedback & ideas actionable and rewarding.


Test & Validate Experiences

Use journey split testing to deploy and compare different journeys side by side.

Use employee segmentation to run test journeys against a control group.

Measure the effectiveness of tests using customer and employee validation scores.


Consistent Front-line Execution

Work out of a common playbook for consistent execution.

Front-line employees view & execute journeys by customer.

Step by step employee training at a touchpoint level with completion alerts and reporting.

Upload and manage brand assets by touchpoint for a consistent brand experience.


Actionable Results & Reporting

Integrations with feedback vendors to get NPS & OSAT over time with Customer and Employee Validation scores.

Attribution reporting highlights which changes were made that drove positive improvements in your business.

Input Customer Life-Time-Value for detailed revenue retention and ROI reporting.