About Us

With Affinity Canvas you are no longer divided. You can unite your marketing, sales, and service teams. Being able to manage and iterate on your customer experience remotely across the organization is now possible with one platform. 

We bring your customer journey map, customer feedback, and frontline employee input, in one place. Now you have the power to test, improve, and grow. Do it all with fewer meetings, better tracking, and delivery of the best customer experience possible. Create and share instantly.

What are you waiting for?

Who we are

We're a group of people from Utah with a passion for customer & employee experience, and technology that make things better. 


Our founders live and breathe CX, and have over a decade of experience implementing solutions and solving the challenges of creating a unique and extraordinary experience for customers.


We are developing a technology solution that enhances and channels the creativity and intelligence of frontline employees and practitioners in every company. This allows them to have a meaningful impact on their businesses and customers.